Our Story

Inspired by the element of water, GLACIER MIST is ever-changing yet timeless and essential. Embolden by originality, our pieces are imprinted and decorated with intricate material and essence special to each collection - encapsulating the memorable moment in time.

Our lust worthy pieces are designed to inspire all Goddesses to channel their mystical cosmic vibe, to successfully attain inner peace, and to find strength in all aspects. We believe that we are all glistening star dust that flow with the divine rhythm of the galaxy, if we allow our hearts to open to the light and ray of the universe. 


Design Process

The design journey begins from curating mood boards to physically manifesting by our team of artisans. Always interpreting a unique story, our celestial collections are created to empower and inspire, and to be worn as a sentimental form of self expression.  

Glacier Mist jewellery are Nickel-free and are put together by hand using a variety of high-quality materials, including semi precious stones, sterling silver, stainless steel and 18k gold plating.  

We choose endurance materials and design methods that supports positive design cycles. Our thoughtful collections are designed to manifest art form into many different wearable pieces.

The Journey 

The intricate details of our designs spark our clientele's intimate interests, each of whom wear our pieces as a sentimental form of timeless expression.

Glacier Mist invites you all to embark in this celestial journey with us, and we hope our jewellery inspires you to be the best versions of yourself.